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Currently I am busy completing my PhD. dissertation on research conducted by me on the Support of Nature Phenomenon—the effortless, management of the Laws of Nature to achieve mistake-free, life-supporting, meaningful, and evolutionary results.

I elected to undertake this research because to some degree or other most of us have observed the profound influence that luck and synchronicity have on our experience of reality. However, to the best of my knowledge, no prior scientific research had been conducted to gain a deeper understanding of the Support of Nature phenomenon.

I was able to conduct this research because for the first time in modern history a sufficiently large number of individuals experiencing qualities associated with higher states of consciousness were available to partake in such a study.

The data collected by my research revealed what is undeniably the most important and valuable discovery of all time.

Whether a CEO a consultant, a health-care professional or a healer, a spiritual-seeker or an enlightened–Being, we are all managers. I believe you will be as excited about this discovery as I am.

I invite you to join me as we learn to align with and effortlessly manage the Laws of Nature to fulfill all our desires, and to live a bliss-filled mistake-free life—Heaven on earth.



PS. I hope you enjoy my interviews (see Interviews tab above) with Rick Archer on Buddha at the Gas Pump (Batgap.com).

5 thoughts on “Home”

    1. Thank you for your positive comment.
      I’m looking forward to sharing knowledge about lively Self-referral awareness with as many expressions of Being as possible.

  1. Just having finished the Buddha @… Panal discussion , I wanted to find more from you. Hopefully that will happen.

    Love Allways

    1. Hi Lulu,
      Thanks for taking the time to reply. Kindly let me know what you would like me to elaborate on. Namaste!

  2. Hello Stan,
    I enjoyed the words you shared on the Celestial interview. I’m interested in the research you’re doing. Where can I read more about it? Will the book Forever Healthy be arriving via email? Much appreciation. –Karen

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