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Dear Friends,

It is my sincere desire that you enjoy radiant good-health and abundant, joyful prosperity for many, many years to come.

Enjoy 10% off your entire order of VPK Ayurvedic products by visiting ‘MAPI.com’ and entering the discount VPK coupon code: ForeverHealthy or StanKendz10 during check-out. Begin enjoying the health and consciousness benefits of Maharishi’s consciousness-based, Ayurvedic, VPK herbal formulas now.

Also, enjoy our 100% botanically pure essential oils and aroma therapy products and get 50% off select products by visiting  ‘Amrita Aromatherapy, Inc.‘. (No VPK coupon code is necessary here.)
May you remain Forever Healthy and enjoy the bliss and fulfillment of living a stress-free, enlightened life.


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Stan Kendz, PhD.



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